Need an Amazon AR box? We’ve got you covered.

You’ll need two things for the Halloween AR experience:

Mobile device



1Download the Amazon AR Player app on your mobile device.

2Print the blank pumpkin image below and draw a face on it with a marker. Alternatively, you can also tap to save the image and create a digital face, or use one of the pre-made pumpkins.

3Launch the app. When asked, capture the drawing of your pumpkin.

graphic with blank pumpkin
graphic with laughing pumpkin
graphic with happy fanged pumpkin

Tips for AR Pumpkin Carving

example of ar. blue pumpkin with flower top.
  • 1.Use a black marker
  • 2.Draw solid shapes to "carve" a face on your pumpkin.
  • example of ar. blue pumpkin with flower top.
  • 3.Avoid coloring in the rest of your pumpkin.
  • 4.Turn on your sound to maximize the magic.